Reconnecting 1000 veterans

A project to unite organisations behind a common mission: to unite, support and sponsor research to study the outcomes of providing legal psilocybin truffle sessions that include coaching and integration.

1000 Vets

We are a collaboration of psychedelic & veteran and other organisations, committed to proving scientific research into an observational study for psychedelic psilocybin truffle experiences.

We feel the urgent need to address the PTSD and suicide crisis. We need to act like we would a crisis: UNITE

Not to carry on as business as usual, no matter how well intended all our respective initiatives, it is time to unite and lead by example and show the world the impact and potential of psychedelics, through scientific research.

The pilot veteran retreat in The Netherlands in September 2021 with 9 veterans including several active special forces operators including officers. We were measuring Quality of Life & Resilience with the university of Leiden neurologist Luisa Prochazkova, leading the observational study. The protocol was the same as Heroic Hearts that will measure Traumatic Brian Injury. A study hosted by Psychedelic Insights who operates Psychedelic Warriors.

Project collaborators so far:

Our Mission

To receive sponsorship for 1000 veterans to be served with professional, science based psychologically guided psychedelic sessions in an observational study to measure the outcomes of veterans’ quality of life and resilience.

Step forward, join our shared mission. Let us unite and share our stories to the world and reignite support of our troops when they need it most: yesterday!

Psychedelic Insights
Based out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Psychedelic Insights provides legal, safe, psychologically guided psychedelic experiences, to individuals, groups, and professionals, with magic psilocybin truffles for personal development.

Veterans of War
At Veterans of War, we don’t want you to simply exist, but instead to THRIVE! Be a part of our effort to connect teams of veterans to psychedelic-assisted guided group therapy.

Heroic Hearts UK

Our mission is to facilitate opportunities for healing for military and emergency services veterans that have been left hopeless by the current system. We seek to spread awareness in the veterans communities of powerful plant therapies like psychedelics, and end the excessive dependence on pharmaceuticals to treat mental traumas.

Maya Health

Elevate your psychedelic therapy practice.
Maya is a software platform designed to help psychedelic practitioners manage, measure, and illustrate health outcomes.

Fresh Mushrooms
Fresh Mushrooms is the world’s largest producer of natural psychedelics: magic mushrooms and truffles. They are the specialist when it comes to growing Magic Truffles, Microdosing and Magic Mushroom Grow Kits. Fresh Mushrooms Ltd. has been the market leader over 25 years and is growing their business internationally.


Redefining disease and closing the gap between medical scientists and the power of artificial intelligence. NetraMark combines proprietary QML/ML algorithms with cross-domain expertise to bring ML commercialization into reality, starting with the pharmaceutical space in drug development, resurrection, and disease definition.

Microdosing Institute

The Microdosing Institute is an information, education and community platform for anyone who’s interested in microdosing with psychedelics – consciously and responsibly. As Europe’s first microdosing community, we’ve been collecting scientific findings and a vast amount of anecdotal data since 2017.

The mission of the Plant and the Plant Medicine Podcast is to demystify and de-stigmatize plant medicines by educating both the medical establishment and those who could potentially benefit from these medicines on the latest research and current best-practice administration of these substances.

Mind Medicine Australia

Mind Medicine Australia (MMA) is a charity that seeks to alleviate the suffering caused by mental illness in Australia through expanding the treatment options available to medical practitioners and their patients. We are focused on the development of safe and effective psychedelic-assisted therapies to cure a range of mental illnesses.

Diaspora Psychedelic society
We are a Jamaican psychedelic society offering legal sacred medicine exploration along with educational programs that support inner healing and a deeper connection to life. Diaspora Psychedelic Society is dedicated to supporting personal healing and the daily practices that transform lives. In keeping with our values we live, teach, and work to further the reality of healthy, peaceful, and balanced living in this world.

Canadian Psychedelic Association.
The Canadian Psychedelic Association (CPA) is a non-profit organization focused on advancing legal and ethical frameworks for medical and therapeutic psychedelic use in Canada. Through local, national and international collaboration, the CPA is inspired by its community to advance psychedelic access by educating and advocating for safe, inclusive practices across the country. As Canada’s voice for psychedelics, the CPA leads the way, with respect and reverence for both ancestral traditions and modern science, to a future where Canada inspires the world with its approach to treating and promoting mental wellness.

Entheon Biomedical
Entheon Biomedical is a drug development and biotechnology company working to validate the therapeutic potential of psychedelic medicines in the context of rigorous clinical study. Entheon’s primary aim is to provide solutions for people battling addiction so they can reclaim their lives and potential. The Entheon team believes a comprehensive and holistic approach to care will significantly increases the odds of permanent recovery for those struggling to overcome addiction disorders.

Join us – share our mission
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The 4 Project pillars


We need all of our collective efforts, network, specialisation, competences and skills to share our stories and mission to have 1000 veterans sponsored. What is the problem? Why this is necessary? What is being done. What is our solution? These are all questions that require careful considerations and thought out solutions to support our mission.

P. R.

We need one voice to represent us, to articulate, educate, promote and de-stigmatise our work and our mission. We require a consistent, professional and informed paradigm to further our mission. To build bridges, unite and educate those interested in our work.


From first contact after sign-up to the last feedback and peer to peer contact between veterans, we require a legal and scientifically sound therapeutic framework to operate in. Psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, therapists and other professionals play a transparant coordinated therapeutic role as care providers.


From defining our potential (veteran) subject requirements and all metrics along the entire client journey: measurements (software, wearables, laboratory, psychological) and analyses. All are paramount to safety, efficacy and transparency. We are required to show the power of our work to the world (outside clinical research) and help turn the tide.

What to do now?

Use your network to get specialists involved. Medical, veteran sponsorship organisations, psychiatrists, scientific institutes and more…

Share this website to those who can help!

Showing the world we lead by example and provide the science and personal stories to change veterans’ lives and enable a route towards large scale adaptation of psychedelic assisted therapy by initiating a global public dialogue in the press.

We’ll plan a mega PR & press offensive and make sure we’ll get sponsorship to the top of the agenda!

A Royal Netherlands Marine Corps recon sniper’s testimonial after one dose of psilocybin truffles

1000 Vets

Our Mission:

To receive sponsorship for the scientific observational research study for 1000 veterans to be served with legal, professional, psychologically guided psychedelic psilocybin truffle sessions with the aim to measure the outcomes in [un-diagnosed] veterans’ mental health issues.

Our motivation:

With more suicides then combat casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan combined, we feel the urgent need to address the global veteran mental health challenges. We feel the need to study magic psilocybine truffles. We as organisations, are stepping forward and committing to act like we would a crisis: WE UNITE.

Our vision:

We believe it is time to work together and show the world the promise and impact of psychedelic assisted therapy and its dramatic positive impact and effects on veterans’ mental health and also for their families. We envision a broad international public dialogue in the press, free of stigma and fueled by science and the practical results and personal (veteran) testimonials. 

Our resources:

We are a collaboration of organisations and professionals, committed to raising funds, promoting our mission and providing the best possible education and care, in a therapeutic, legal and scientific framework for researching psychedelic assisted therapy, with the ambition to affect enduring reductions in mental health symptoms in veterans. We commit to allocating “reasonable time and resources” and  “reasonable reductions” in pricing, fees or similar costs to stretch sponsor funds used for veterans.

How we organise:

A board will be selected by our collective. Collaborating organisations themselves may be active in one of four pillars: 

  1. Fundraising 
  2. PR 
  3. Therapy
  4. Science

Participating organisations will work transparently, make public our methods and findings to share our mission’s work with the world and to further our vision and promote a safe and open dialogue. A project programme staff and supervising board is to be established.

  • Project definition

    • Ongoing redefinition and fine tuning
  • Member roles

    • Sponsorship
      Veteran therapy, travel, accommodation, psilocybin truffles, psychedelic session, scientific measurements and analysis
    • PR
      (leaders in our field, respected authors, accredited and accomplished professionals)
    • Therapeutic / Medical / Screening
      (psychologists, psychiatrists, psychedelic therapists)
    • Scientific research
      (software, medical, psychological, neurological, social, nutritional, etc.)
  • Marketing & PR plan

    • Problem – opportunity – solution
    • Definition for our project and its methods and measurements
    • Video interviews of project members – project-trailer
    • Press network and press release
    • Documentary of our process
  • Veteran journey

    • Intake and medical and mental health screening
    • Preparation & pre-session therapeutic process
    • Online veteran group gatherings (zoom calls)
    • Scheduling itineraries, planning the veteran groups
    • Travel to the session location accommodation
    • Pre-session therapeutic process
    • Psychedelic sessions and rest days
    • Post session therapeutic process commencement
    • Travel backhome
    • Ongoing post session therapeutic process
      Mobile app, wearables, tele-health sessions
  • Science

    • Intake is Maya Health Diagnostic software
      Maya is a software platform designed to help psychedelic practitioners manage, measure, and illustrate health outcomes
    • Psychological profiles
    • Personality profiles
    • Medical conditions
    • Analyse of a broad range of psychological values before and after the psilocybin sessions
    • Analyse blood before and after the psilocybin sessions
    • Analyse stool before and after the psilocybin sessions
    • Analyse blood pressure before and after the psilocybin sessions
    • A.I. Disease Definition Software by NetraMark Corp.