Women Veteran Retreat 2022


Psychedelic Warriors is organizing a woman veteran retreat in 2022. After the first Psychedelic Warrior retreat in 2021 we conducted an observational study by the University of Leiden to study the effects of our psilocybin protocols on Quality of Life and Resilience. A documentary about this retreat will be launched this year 2021. We invite you to our women veteran retreat in 2022. Sign up below to receive updates.

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Meet your host, Renate de Wilde

Renate de Wilde is a Dutch Plant Medicine Guide having recently moved from Ibiza, back to the Netherlands. After serving in the military she went through a lot of personal struggles while trying to get her life back to normality. She saw old friends struggling as well after their missions, some of them had PTSD and had changed in significant ways.

Since leaving the military life, Renate finds her escape in extreme endurance sports. After a lot of self-experience with all kinds of psychedelics, she started guiding at a retreat center and found more purpose in her plant medicine path. Psychedelics helped her to reconnect with herself and her true essence.

Today, she guides people in private psilocybin sessions. After joining a conference about psychedelics and veterans, she finally found a way to do something back for her friends and other people who suffer from the impacts of being in war. Currently, she guides retreats for Psychedelic Warriors and works alongside Psychedelic Insights in The Netherlands.

In this new edition of Amplify, let’s learn more about Renate and bring light to the challenges of the lives of all veteran women around the world.

The veteran retreat documentary trailer of 2021