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Welcome to Psychedelic Warriors. We are mostly former military veterans plus other psychedelic therapists. Psychedelic Warriors provides the psychological guidance for psychedelic experiences with legal, safe natural psilocybin truffles, in Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

In the psychedelic state you may encounter a new personal perspective that could positively change your long-held beliefs, concepts, assumptions, and convictions. This can lead to a personal re-evaluation: one can question one’s triggers, re-evaluate your values, deeper motivations and emotions to change long held beliefs about you, your ego, trauma, relationships and the world around you. Even your place in the universe by experiencing cosmic love, ego-death and mystical experiences.

The trailer of the veteran retreat documentary

Military veterans, police officers, firemen, NGO aid workers, all have gone before you. Even active special forces operators.

Psychedelic experiences for soul level healing

The Psychedelic Insights Service

Hope you start your journey and schedule a call with us. No strings, just talking to us about why you’re interested and how we work. In this call, we also find out if this is the right path for you to take.
We need to get to know each other and, more importantly, feel safe together throughout this psychedelic adventure!

Schedule an introduction call and have us introduce ourselves and answer your questions.

Reconnect with your higher self.

We invite you to make contact. I’ll tell you my story and how we work. Maybe your new chapter starts here: Schedule a free call to find out if it’s for you! No strings attached. Just talk to another veteran.

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

Private sessions

Our private sessions are always guided by a male and female coach. This is for energetic, support and safety reasons. We provide groceries, bring magic truffles (donated by Fresh Mushrooms), curated trip music for during the session. Our price for a private session is €1,995 (excl. travel, meals & accommodation) and includes:
• Introduction and Intention setting call with psychedelic facilitators
• Session day with 2 x psychedelic coaches; Always a female & male team
• 4 x integration coaching calls to “solidify” the breakthroughs and psychedelic insights

set and setting
Set and Setting (example of our preffered accommodation)

Private 2 session retreats

Our private retreats welcome you for a true transformational week of dedicated self care, inner work and contemplation. We offer an all inclusive 5 day private retreat that includes accommodation, all meals and drinks, all coaching session calls to prepare for the psychedelic sessions, the 2 psilocybin sessions, guided by a team of 2 psychedelic coaches (m/f), all integration coaching Zoom sessions (4), a forest walk or city tour. Book an introduction call to discuss your private retreat options and have all your questions answered. Let us know how we can help.

The documentary of the 2021 veteran research retreat

About the 2021 Veteran Retreat

In September 2021 a diverse group of veterans from The Netherlands participated in a psychedelic nature retreat organised by Psychedelic Insights, called Psychedelic Warriors.

2021 Veteran research retreat

Why the retreat?
Specifically for veterans and other first responders; One woman and 8 men joined the retreat in a remote forest area. It was a shared dream made real by Hans Grootewal CEO of Fresh Mushrooms who sponsored the retreat and Luc van Poelje the founder of PsychedelicInsights.com. Hans felt there was a lack of efficient help for veterans and Luc saw the effects of his work with psilocybin truffles with his clients. As a veteran himself he knew this could help many old military colleagues. Globally there is a psychedelic renaissance with many studies into the effects of these promising compounds. A lot of research studies illegal substances like MDMA and pure psilocybin. With the political “War on Drugs”, it is left to scientists to show their safe benefits and counter the decades of intentional disinformation. Psilocybin truffles however, are legal (“food”) and available in The Netherlands.

The logical question: “Why are we not doing what we can to help veterans, now”?

This is the 40 minute documentary about our 2021 veteran research retreat; Which was screened at the inspector general of the Netherlands armed forces with the heads of the mental -/ health departments, head of personnel, army, navy and air force medical doctors, psychiatrists and social services. It was the first time in history, legal and EU food safety certified, psychedelic magic psilocybin truffels and plant medicines were discussed and veterans could share their experiences safely with experts.

Enjoy the documentary:

2021 Veteran research retreat documentary

What did others say about their experiences?

Check out the reviews.

During a psychedelic assisted experience, you explore your own consciousness.

Possible experiences are: 

  • Accessing the unconscious
  • Memorizing meaningful life events
  • Emotional processing and release
  • Heightened creativity
  • Acceptance, deeper self-understanding & self-insight
  • Body-centered experiences & movement
  • Visionary insights
  • Synesthesia (visualizing music)
  • Euphoria, love and bliss
  • Mystical-religious states of consciousness
  • Facing truths about self and life
  • Compassion for self and others
  • Transcending belief systems & patterns 
  • Clarity on values, dreams & life purpose
  • Entering deep meditative states
  • Confrontation with self or hidden emotions 
  • Transform pain and negative patterns
  • Discovering unmet needs & uncovering unconscious patterns
  • Feeling safe in the face of fear
  • The gifts of standing in your power or vulnerability
  • The sacred state of surrender
  • Making peace with your grief and pain
  • Healing the split between mind, heart and spirit
  • Overcoming limiting thought patterns
  • Identifying your inner saboteur
  • Shift difficult patterns and hard-to-break habits
  • Dismantle the system of self-sabotage

*The use of psilocybin, in any form, does not replace any medical advice, treatment or medication. Psychedelic Insights offers magic psilocybin truffles as a form of complementary care to mainstream medicine and therapy. Psilocybin supports the healing process but can never be a substitute for regular health care. Always consult your doctor and/or psychiatrist if you are unsure.

By using this website and the services it offers you agree, comply and adhere to our terms, conditions and privacy statements

What is it like?

On the day of your guided psychedelic experience, fresh magic psilocybin truffles (donated by Fresh Mushrooms) will be provided to you by our trip-guide team. Each trip-guide team comprises of two professional and experienced trip-guides (one female and one male), who will hold space for you during the entire day (approx. 7 hours) of your guided psychedelic experience, to fully support your process.
Your session includes guided meditation, and specially selected music to enhance your psychedelic experience. Your dedicated trip-guides will assist you with surrendering to the experience, while you are in a safe and warm space, and usually with your eyes closed – and they will be there every step of the way to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

During the intention setting call, you will be advised to bring a personal psychedelic journal in which to write. You will refer to your notes during the 4 x integration calls that follow your guided experience and can be booked directly with your trip-guides – these are necessary to help you to embed the psychedelic insights learned during your psychedelic experience into positive and practical new thinking, feeling, and life experiences.

Our team would love to introduce themselves, meet you, and explain our service to you (no strings at any time). Our price is €1,995 (excl. travel & accommodation), and includes:
• Intention setting and preparation call
• Session day with 2 x trip guides
• 4 x integration therapy calls
• Your video calls are free of charge!

Navy seal Iwan: Luc his work is healing, connecting , inspiring, humorous, with a lot of love. I can advice everybody who is curious to understand themselves better. The only way out is within.

Army logistic veteran Janneke: words cannot describe how valuable this week has been to me. The insights i got and the group that was there was great.

Royal Marine Frits: This retreat Luc and his staff organised gave me such intense and wonderful insights. I felt so safe during this retreat. The true love and honesty Luc and his team provided, were the base of this beautiful intense and life changing experience for me. Beautiful people! I can fully recommend Psychedelic Insights to everyone who’s thinking about or wanting a journey to discover your true self, where’s true love, power and beautiful insights and connection! Luc and the whole team, thank you so much!!!

Close combat vet Dirk: Dear all, The retreat, professionally organised by Luc and his team, is by far the most important experience in my life. I didn’t had any experience with psychedelics or other things besides a cold beer. Therefore I was a bit hesitant. The Team took great care of me. Together we set the right intention. During the trips they created a safe space. Never too little or too much attention, just right. A perfect setting of atmosphere, sound and smell. This safe space allowed me to go full in. The first trip I deeply went into myself. Ended in a conscious space of Oneness. Words can not describe what I saw and experienced. The second trip was really different. So nice to have the Team around, they are so experienced. This trip was more outside, in nature…

Special forces sniper Bert: Don’t be afraid for the unknown. Open your mind, body and soul. This is life changing in a good conscious manner. With positive side affects beyond your imagination. Just do it.

Mobile Air brigade – Jasper: The retreat has taught me very valuable lessons about life and brought me inner peace as well as regained strength on a mental level. Luc and the team were extremely knowledgeable, understanding and compassionate. It’s high time for our world leaders to join a retreat :). Thank you all very much.

Royal marine Jeoffrey: This is something what everybody who is ready for it should experience. It’s a life changing experience for who wants to find truth in themselves. No words can explain the experience, only by doing it you will find out:-)

More reviews can be read here: www.psychedelicinsights.com/reviews



Luc is the founder CEO of Psychedelic Insights BV/Ltd. He is a Royal Netherlands Marine Corps veteran, with Arctic, mountain and jungle warfare and survival training. Luc served in Iraq in 91. He is also a plant medicine advocate, entrepreneur, ocean sailor, mountaineer, and rain forest explorer. Above all, he is a dad to his daughter Sam (2006). His life (choices) changed after Psilocybin and Ayahuasca experiences in 2013. Luc ran a emotional health education service for 4 years, including (walking) therapy and lifestyle coaching, and was a public speaker on mental well-being, especially in youth prisons where he gave 40+ talks on emotional health where he inspired the most serious offenders in The Netherlands.
Following 1 year of freelance trip guiding in 2017, Luc founded Psychedelic Insights to offer qualified trip guides the opportunity to serve clients in an optimized setting and with science based protocols. The aim: Professional and experienced staff, providing psychological guidance of psychedelic experiences. Luc is a proponent of keeping these sacred medicines alive inside you, by doing them periodically.

Renate is a true free spirit who flows through life in her own way which has given her a lot of wonderful experiences and beautiful adventures. Renate is a veteran; At a young age she served in the royal Dutch army and after that she found her challenges and adventures in extreme endurance sports, for which she has traveled the world. After discovering the spiritual side of life, she went on a deep inner journey and decided to become a energetic therapist to assist others on their healing journey. Working in this field she felt there was something missing and since she already experienced the life changing healing power of psychedelics, she decided to combine these two together. During her work at psychedelic retreat centers she is able to combine the best of both. Renate has a lot of experience in guiding people, has a strong trust in her intuition and is down to earth. A guide who shines and who stands as a pillar through a psychedelic experience in which people can feel safe so they can allow themselves to surrender to the experience and heal.

Jessika Lagarde is a storyteller, traveler, Earth and climate activist, Psychedelic Guide for Psychedelic Insights, and Women On Psychedelics Co-founder. Having lived in four countries and nomadically for a year, her biggest treasures are the life experiences she collected from her travels. Jessika’s personal healing work with psychedelics has made her more aware not only of the crisis of our planet but also of the mental crisis humanity is in. All of her work is informed in taking action in a way that serves the Earth and our human collective, in hopes of mobilizing inner healing towards outer action.

“Psychedelic guide, transformation life coach, evolutionary astrologer, creative storyteller and passionate traveler”… Aleksandra is a light worker and a very experienced psychedelic trip guide. Born in Bulgaria she studied in Barcelona and Amsterdam. Aleksandra carries deep knowledge from her personal work with different plant medicines. As a professional trip guide she brings her perspectives, humor and professionalism to every setting keeping everyone safe, understood and helps navigate altered states of consciousness more clearly. An astrology wizard, she amazes people with her insights. Aleksandra shines her light on everyone around her.

Marcel is a veteran and has served in the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps for over 13 years and have carried out (SOF) missions in various parts of the world. Being a professional coach, he builds trust like no other, he deeply connects with others. His passion is to connect people with themselves, at a deeper level, with others and with the world. To help them find and optimally develop their authentic and completely unique strengths. Not only for themselves, but also for the environment they are part of. A gentile giant with a calm and composed softness has guided many clients, many of them veterans. A guide and veteran – to help you discover and support your self-healing ability…

Eva was a medical resident at the first aid department and her most recent job was a medical doctor with the Dutch Navy. When the pandemic hit, she realized that regular medicine was no longer her way. “I found out what it is that people really need to heal; sincere attention, faith and a true connection. In my experience, psilocybin is a beautiful gift of nature that can help us connect to our deepest, darkest, and most joyful selves.” Eva is a bringer of light, joy, healing and connection. In 2012 she finished her medical studies in Leiden and practiced regular medicine over the past eight years, working on the obstetrics ward guiding women through labour.

Luisa is a Cognitive Neuroscientist, Psychologist and therapist. She completed two master degrees in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. She is a Psychedelic Insights trip-guide and is currently working as Ph.D. candidate investigating the cognitive and neural mechanisms underpinning altered states of consciousness. In her research and personal life, she explores how meditation and psychedelic states expand human consciousness. She has participated in a variety of therapy training and coaching programs and is currently working at the National Institute of Mental Health in Prague. Here she is part of a psychiatry team developing relaxation techniques and mindfulness games in order to aid emotional responses and promote optimal psycho-physiological states during stressful or traumatic experiences. Luisa is a board member of the Psychedelic Society of Netherlands. She applies authentic, experience-oriented guidance in order to create safe, judgement-free environments for the maximal growth and self-actualization of her clients.

Eliška is a cognitive scientist (Ph.D. candidate) who has been involved with psychedelics both personally and professionally for over 10 years. In addition to her scientific exploration of the human mind, she is intrinsically motivated to help people take their first steps towards a transformational experience and consciousness-expanding journey. She is part of a non-profit psychedelic-oriented community platform that has been giving lectures on psychedelics and providing information to help facilitate safe and responsible use of these valuable substances. Since becoming a psychotherapist, she aims to help people find fuller lives and to more meaningfully connect with their emotions. Through Psychedelic Insights, Eliška brings both academic and personal experience to guiding individuals forward on their own unique life paths.

“Psychedelic guide and psychologist, Elsa her therapeutic approach focuses on resolving emotional traumas that are physically manifested through blockages in the human body. In her work, she applies ancient methods including reiki, Indian and Chinese foot massage, and the use of natural herbal products, as well as methods to optimise the functioning body and mind. In her search for ancient methods of healing and traditional medicine, she travelled the world where she studied and worked with Indian masters, Chinese reflexology experts, and Mexican herbology experts, as well as facilitated and assisted in Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Brazilian Amazon. Through Psychedelic Insights, Elsa brings a unique perspective and a highly intuitive holistic approach to facilitate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Niels has a degree in positive psychology and currently works as an independent psychologist in acceptance and commitment therapy. He developed early on in life an interest in meditation, yoga and other areas of alternative therapy that can increase well being. Niels dreamed of one day gaining knowledge and experience in those fields so that he could be helpful to others. Changing his study to positive psychology turned out to be a step towards that dream. Now he works with many therapies based on Eastern philosophies. He has had great experiences with those therapies in bringing people back to their essence. Besides his enthusiasm for positive psychology he became particularly fond of plant medicine and the healing they can bring. Finally, Niels is known for being an open, calm and caring person.

Joanna Mary Hein-Hartmann is an early seed investor of Psychedelic Insights and helped get our first clinic in nature. From the very beginning in 2019 she has believed in the core values and mission of Psychedelic Insights. With 15 years experience working both front and back office operations, for SMEs, corporates and funds, Joanna’s happy vibe streamlines all logistics and planning for clients. She is your contact for all things that require our help. Joanna is native English, but also speaks German and French. As a nature therapist she’s in her element off the grid and in nature where microdosing and tripping in nature are her expertise.

Jeoffrey has served with the Royal Netherlands Marines Corps for 4 years. He worked in different roles in the youth-services sector and in psychiatric institutions for most of his career. He studied and became a coach when he realized helping people reconnect with themselves was his true passion. After graduating as a life coach, he now works as a “conscious boxing coach” and “microdosing coach”, while still working in healthcare and psychiatry; Essentially helping people who need a little extra care in life.
With humor and playfulness, Jeoffrey is a real connector. He believes in real connection with others. Most importantly of all, in real connection with yourself. With his authentic humor and “what you see is what you get” attitude, he is able to connect easily and honestly. Jeffrey’s mission is to be there for those who want to open up and feel the call to develop themselves; To celebrate and embrace life!

About Us

Our Beliefs

We work with a trans-disciplinary team of highly skilled, caring, and experienced facilitators. This is a specialised service of Psychedelic Insight, whose facilitators come from varying scientific, psychological, psycho-therapeutic, and cultural backgrounds and, together, we form a stable, passionate, and warmhearted team, to provide each client with the best opportunity to benefit from the potential of magic psilocybin truffles in a safe and warm environment.

“Our team mission is to help people enhance personal growth and development. Managing psychedelic assisted experiences with a science-based approach, we innovate personal transformation.”

From personal experience, each facilitator knows the benefits that psilocybin can bring. Many of us are aware that psychedelic journeys can be challenging, but these are also the places where the biggest self-healing may take place.

Psychedelic Warriors is proudly supported by Reconscious Medical. The Reconscious Medical Group leverages decades of clinical experience providing therapeutic, medical and psychiatric consulting services that use plant-based therapies as a tool in the treatment of addictions and psychiatric disorders for children and adults.

“Veterans are the light at the tip of the candle, illuminating the way for the whole nation. If veterans can achieve awareness, transformation, understanding, and peace, they can share with the rest of society the realities of war. And they can teach us how to make peace with ourselves and each other, so we never have to use violence to resolve conflicts again.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Each facilitator is trained to demonstrate empathy, openness, and reliability.

The facilitators encourage you to surrender to, or work with, the energy that moves through your mindset and you. They will be there for you, to meet all your needs – where necessary and possible, before, during and after the experience. However, your ‘internal self’, or ‘inner wisdom’, will be your main guide through the magic psilocybin truffle experience.

More about veterans and psychedelics


Projects & collaborations

Heroic Hearts Project (US)

Heroic Hearts UK

Afhangen . Nu!

With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always lack enthusiastic veteran organisations who are courageous enough to beat the stigma and share our clients’ stories. We provide legal, medically screened guided psychedelic sessions for veterans. We provide special PTSD protocols, coaching and integration therapy. Contact us.

We are a Psychedelic Insights service, providing the psychological guidance for psychedelic experiences. Luc van Poelje, CEO and lead facilitator, is a royal Netherlands marine corps veteran and has a passionate drive to bring inner peace to veterans and their families.

“If you actually want to support the troops, support psychedelic research.”

Bring them home,
back to inner peace

Not everyone is ready

In the introduction call we’ll address all questions you have and try to explain what we do and how that works and how that feels. For those on medications and with contraindications we collaborate with a psychiatrist who can help your preparation to start your journey. If you and ourselves feel safe, you will have a positive experience, you can proceed the process. Some may need to develop more contemplative practices such as nature walking, medication, yoga, etc. If you are on SSRI’s or other medications, schedule a call with your own MD to get off or go here.

Support our troops

*The use of psilocybin truffles, in any form, does not replace any medical advice, treatment or surgery. Psychedelic Warriors offers magic psilocybin truffles as a form of complementary care to mainstream medicine and therapy. Psilocybin experiences may supports the healing process but can never be a substitute for medical or psychological help, treatment, or surgery. Always consult your doctor and/or psychologist if you are unsure.

P.s. ….but it is called magic for a reason 😉

The current model of psychopharmacology has not brought any successful innovations to the treatment model of major mental health issues for veterans such as PTSD, depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, OCD and others. Medications fail to address the causes and underlying issues. Recent scientific studies have shown the immense promise of potential of treatments which incorporate Psychedelic assisted therapy models.

Meet Nanda, our therapist

For additional therapy before and after the psychedelic experience

Meet Nanda van Ginkel – MBSR coach

Nanda van Ginkel is a Brown University trained Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) practitioner and holds a certification in Integrative Hypnosis with CIH, New York. Her practice incorporates various modalities and is tailor made to facilitate an effective way to promote the connection and access to the Essential Self of her clients.

Nanda assists in sacred Psychedelic Ceremonies and focuses her attention on Psychedelic Preparation and Integration for Seekers on the path of Consciousness Expansion. Using MBSR, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT for Chronic Pain), and Hypnosis to allow for deep connection to the subconscious to map all the emotions, thoughts and physical sensations that are present. Creating a curious, compassionate environment for the exploration and the befriending of all the feelings.

She believes that the challenges and changes that life bestows upon you can be an opportunity for growth and healing. The integration of deep personal work is crucial and often overlooked. Awareness of old patterns is key, as people are often stuck in old cycles that can resurface even after ceremony. Her gentle, patient approach allows for the space to release beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you.

Nanda resides in the Netherlands and works internationally using Zoom. She uses her spare time volunteering in community gardens and biking. Nanda has a love for travel and art.

Special offer: 4 therapy sessions €400
(for more information)

Note: All private sessions include all pre session and post session, integration therapy (4 sessions included). Nanda provides additional therapy that can be useful as neuroplasticity allows for change.